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Island Hopping Adventure Tour

Join us for our Island Hopper Adventure Tour!Only $35 from 11am to 4pm! Lots of fun hopping from one island to another. Great trip for beginners because your not paddling for long periods of time. Lots of things to see. Dolphin, Sting rays, Manatees, Birds,Fish jumping about and so much more. There’s so many things to see out there that we cant get pictures of to show you. Join us for this island hopping adventure!There’s something new to see every time. Enjoy a swim and a picnic at one of the islands. Lots of trails on the islands to explore also. Never know what kind of treasures you will find out there. We live in PARADISE get out there and enjoy it with us. View the slide show for a glimpse of the fun you could have island hopping!!!

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